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Question: hello. iam 18. today just one before i smoked cigiratte.i took 3 whole cigarette.i felt uneasy when i took three puffs.then to i continued.the last two cigarrete i took was four square . i was smoking in an open space .the temperature was high.i live in mumbai.after few minutes i was sweating profusely that my whole shirt became wet with sweat.i had never expirence such odd condition before. i am social smoker, but from last two months i am smoking everyday.i had not smoke for last three days.was it because of heat or a gap? after 45 minutes i came home and drank plenty of water.within a minute i vomited.then i felt little easy.the smell of the cigarrete was very bad. what is the reason for this? i am worried. i am feeling alright now.but there is some uneasinessin my stomach. Harhit

Answer: Dear Harhit ,

Smoking races the heartbeat, and creates more sweating. Dizziness can occur after smoking too fast or too many cigarettes. Nausea can also happen from smoking too much. The nicotine in a cigarette, an insecticide, makes the blood more viscous and decreases the available oxygen. It also adversely affects the breathing, sweating, intestinal, and heart actions of our autonomic nervous probably due to hindering the blood flow to the nerve centers in the brain.


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