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Question: I have a clot type lump on the left side of the chest, under the nipple. A long time ago, a friend of mine pinched my left nipple hard and twisted it mecheviously. Now I am 18 and a few months back the lump used to swell and hurt when touched. Nowadays it only swells when I exercise or go to gym. The doctor told me there is nothing to worry about and gave some medicine. I went to the doctor again when it swelled hard and told me to do a mammography test. She told me it's not necessary but it will be better to do it. No discharge is observed from my nipple. I haven't done the mammography test yet. What is the exact cause and what should I do? Is it serious? Now the clot has become softer. Harshit

Answer: Dear Harshit,

A lump on the chest can be a symptom of several conditions such as:

- Breast cancer
- Sebaceous cyst
- Skin cancer
- Rib fracture

In order to get a correct diagnosis, different tests may need to be performed. In order to rule out cancer, a biopsy may be necessary, where the doctor removes the lump and analyzes it for cancerous cells.

A sebaceous cyst usually occurs due to swollen hair follicles. These type of cysts can usually be ignored but if they become inflamed and tender you can have them surgically removed.

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